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Carpentry Services
When refitting, modifying or upgrading yachts, our carpentry work will blend into your vessel as if it were done by the original manufacturer.

Our shop is loaded with the equipment required to do a quality job efficiently including; table saws, shaper, joiners, band saws, table sanders and a spiral planer.

Interior Repair & Modification - Nielsen Beaumont's creative and skilled carpentry crew is capable of turning out anything from a new salon table to a complete deck or interior remodel.

Experienced in all aspects of wooden boats as well as wood work on fiberglass boats. We use only the newest, cutting-edge, ecologically-friendly materials.

Give us a call at 619.223.BOAT (2628) today and ask about our carpentry services.

Nielsen Beaumont has lots of creative ideas for how to achieve your projects and improving your boat's wooden features.

They will also answer any questions you have about scheduling and work with you to prepare a no-obligation quote for your carpentry project.

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