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Painting & Refinishing Services

Nielsen Beaumont is committed to "Green Boat" services by responsibly using EPA approved coating and refinishing products that are safe for the environment, but also long lasting and efficient.

Nielsen Beaumont also utilizes vacuum tools and containment technologies to minimize impact to the environment during coating and finishing processes.

We want to make your yacht look like new! Give us a call today at 619.223.BOAT (2628) and ask about our paint, gelcoat, and fiberglass specialists.

For Bottom Paint: Nielsen Beaumont offers a full range of approved water-based and solvent-based anti-fouling bottom paint options, as well as copper free and non-toxic anti-fouling options.

Fiberglass Coating & Repair: Whether a complete deck re-core or a collision repair, our goal is to make the boat stronger and more beautiful than the day she arrived.

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