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State Of The Art

Zero Discharge

Environmentally Driven

Nielsen Beaumont Marine has been in business since 1979, but in the summer of 2011 a complete remodel transformed the Shelter Island boatyard into one of America’s most modern and environmentally advanced marine facilities.

Wastewater Recyling

The facility includes a closed loop recycling system for all hydro-wash wastewater as well as the capture and treating of all stormwater, resulting in a zero discharge facility.

Marine Travelift

The marine railway was replaced with a new 75 metric ton (82.5 US ton) Marine Travelift, allowing for hauling large vessels safely and efficiently.

Carbon Reduction

Nielsen Beaumont is partnering with Earthly to calculate and reduce its carbon footprint as a business. With the help of Earthly, our goal is to be entirely carbon neutral by 2025 and climate positive by 2030.

In 2015, San Diego Coastkeeper honored Nielsen Beaumont with its prestigious “Coast Keeper Runoff Rockstar” Award.

“Nielsen Beaumont Marine, Inc. is leading its boatyard community in preventing runoff with their modern, environmentally advanced facility. Nielsen Beaumont Marine, Inc. designed their boatyard to capture and collect stormwater for treatment and storage, and it is more advanced than current stormwater regulations for boatyards. San Diego Coastkeeper and our community appreciates their efforts to prevent harm to our waters.”

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